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Stories of Victims of the New Zealand Mosque Attack

The attack on the New Zealand Mosque took on Friday the lives of 50 worshipers and left dozens extra weak when the white overwhelmed opened hearth and streamed.



Farid Ahmed refuses to turn his again to his house, regardless that he misplaced his 45-year-old spouse, Husna Ahmed. Al Noor's mosque attack. They have been separated to go to the rest room when it happened.

The pistol put a massacre on the internet, and Ahmed later saw a video of his spouse.

Despite the horror, Ahmed, initially from Bangladesh, continues to treat New Zealand as an ideal nation.

”I consider some individuals, intentionally, try to interrupt the harmony we’ve with New Zealand in terms of variety, he stated. “But they're not going to win. They won't win. We are harmonious. ”


Ahmed had lately moved from his house in Karachi, Pakistan to work in New Zealand to assist his family at residence. On Saturday, the Pakistan Overseas Ministry informed his household that Ahmed was among those who died throughout the mosque assault.

One of his uncles, Muhammad Muzaffar Khan, described him as deeply spiritual, praying 5 occasions a day. However schooling was all the time his main objective, Khan stated.

Ahmed was the only son who had moved to New Zealand to work, his uncle stated.

"Training had always been his primary goal," Khan stated. “She had gone to New Zealand recently when she got her job. He had only begun his career, but the enemies lived their lives ”

Relations, kin and associates have gathered Ahmed's house to precise their condolences.


The software program engineer moved to New Zealand six years in the past from Hyderabad, India, the place his mother and father still lived, in line with Mumbai

"We got alarming news," Ahsan's father Mohammed Sayeeduddin informed the newspaper on Saturday. Family and friends had tried to get to Ahsan after the attack

Ahsan was married and had a 3-year-old daughter and granddaughter.


4 of the five youngsters of Ada Ibrah Dirie escaped Friday's attacks, however the youngest, Abdullahi, was killed, his uncle, Abdulrahman Hashi, 60, the preacher of the Dar Al Hijrah Mosque of Manneapolis, informed Herald of New Zealand.

Dirie also suffered from firing wounds and was hospitalized. The family fled in Somalia in the mid-1990s as refugees and resided in New Zealand.

"You can't imagine how I feel," Hashi stated.

He added: “He was the youngest in the family. That is the drawback of extremism. Some individuals assume that their nation's Muslims are part of it, but these are innocent individuals. "


Elmadani and his spouse moved from the United Arab Emirates in 1998. The retired Christchurch engineer all the time advised his youngsters to be robust and patient, so what they are making an attempt to do after the tragedy, his daughter Maha Elmadani informed Stuff

” He looked at New Zealand's residence and never thought one thing would occur here, ”he stated. 19659002] She stated her mom "remains as robust as potential. My younger brother doesn't work too properly with the information. ”


Atta Elya, who was in her 30s, died of her damage, Muath Elyan, her uncle, advised The Related Press.

His father, Mohammed Elya, of the 1960s Jordan, who founded one of the mosques in 1993, was among the wounded, stated Mohammed's brother Muath Elya, who stated he had spoken with Mohammed's wife after the capturing. [19659002] Muath stated his brother helped arrange a mosque one yr after arriving in New Zealand, the place he taught engineers at a college and led a marketing consultant. He stated his brother was final in Jordan two years ago.

”He advised us that life in New Zealand was good and its individuals are good and hospitable. He had freedom there and never complained about anything, Muath advised AP. "I am confident that this bloody crime does not represent a New Zealand citizen."


Air New Zealand's long-standing aircraft upkeep engineer died in Al Noor's mosque when he was killed, his employer stated

” he labored with plane engineers in a former overseas nation, ”stated Christopher Luxon, CEO of Air New Zealand. “The friendship he made at that time led him to take up a task in Air New Zealand and transfer to Christchurch.

Hamid was married and had two youngsters, Luxon stated

”Lilik, his wife Nina and their youngsters Zhania and Gerin are recognized and love an in depth staff of engineers and their households who do their greatest to help the family alongside our administration workforce and the airline special help workforce ", he stated.


Mucaad Ibrahim was a lost melee when the capturing started at Al Noor's mosque, when his older brother Abdi escaped his life and his father pretended to be lifeless after being shot.

New Zealand introduced that the household was in vain on the lookout for their baby at Christchurch Hospital and later wrote a photograph of Mucada, smiling with Abd's headline, “We are really God and we return to Him.

Abdi described his little brother as "energetic, playful and wanted to smile and laugh a lot", recognizing that he felt "hate" towards his killer.

This story corrects the spelling of the first identify of Mucaad Ibrahim.


Handwritten cardboard sign at Mohammad Imran Khan's restaurant, Indian Grill in Christchurch, on Sunday stated simply CLOSED.

The proprietor of the retailer next door, JB's Discounter, Jaiman Patel, 31, stated he would help the employees after the keys to Khan's life-threatening terrorist attack.

”He's a very good man. I attempted to assist him out of the installation and every little thing, ”Patel stated. "We also put the key on them when the terrorists came and we sorted it for him."

Khan had a boy who was 10 or 11, Patel stated.

These two have been business neighbors who helped one another

”We assist each other. It's so sad. ”


Milne was described as a benevolent, friendly teenager. A highschool scholar was at the Al Noor Mosque for Friday's prayers when the attack started, his half-sister, Brydie Henry, telling Stuff's media level.

Sayyad was last seen ”mendacity on the flooring of a bloody mosque, bleeding from his mom, Noraini, was also a mosque and managed to flee, Henry stated. Youngsters have two different siblings, 15-year-old twins Shuayb and Cahaya.

“They're all at home just waiting. They just wait and they don't know what to do, ”Henry informed the news website.


Javed Dadabhai is gloomy for his mild cousin, 35-year-old Junaid Mortara, believed

His cousin was a family household supporting his mother, spouse and three youngsters aged 1-5 . Mortara had inherited his father's store, which was coated with flowers on Saturday

Mortara was an avid cricket fan, and he all the time sent a relative textual content with relations to cricket matches when Canterbury met Auckland.


Nabi moved his household to New Zealand in 1979 to flee the warfare between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan. Someday before his capturing, his son Omar reminded his father of the significance of unity.

”My father stated how necessary it’s to spread love and unity with each other and shield all members of society,” Omar advised Al-Jazeer.

Omar informed the news network that his father ran an Afghan affiliation and helped refugees reside in a new nation.

"He used them to feel at home," Omar stated. [19659002] HUSNE ARA PARVIN, 42

Parvin died when he struck when he tried to guard his husband Farid Udd Ahmedia from his wheelchair, his nephew Mahfuz Chowdhury informed The Day by day Star, a Bangladesh newspaper.

sick for years and Parvin took her to the mosque every different Friday. He had taken him to a man when he went to ladies. Mahfuz stated that New Zealand's relations informed him when the shootings started, Parvin rushed to her husband's grasp to protect him.

The Bangladesh couple had moved to New Zealand sometime since 1994, Chowdhury stated.

Naeem RASHID, 50, and Talha RASHID, 21

When the shootings have been opened, Naeem Rashid seen in the video, which is making an attempt to Rashid's brother, Khurshid Alam, in line with

"He was a brave individual, and I've heard a couple of individuals, the witnesses had little. they’ve stated that he saved a number of dwellings there making an attempt to stop this man, ”Alam advised the BBC.

Rashid's son Talha Rashid can also be among the lifeless. Pakistani Ministry of Public Affairs confirmed his demise in a tweet

Elder Rashid was a instructor at Christchurch and was Abbottabad from Pakistan. His son was 11 when his family moved to New Zealand. He had a brand new job and was going to get married.


An Abu Dhabi-born Iraqi was killed in an attack on two new mosques in New Zealand.

His mother wrote to social media that Hussein al-Umari died.

His family and associates had applied for information about al-Umar in the mid-30s, which had not returned on Friday once they prayed to Al Noor's mosque in Christchurch.

Her mom, Janna Ezzat, an Iraqi calligraphy artist, wrote on Fb that her son had grow to be a martyr.

Ezzat wrote: "Our son was full of life and always put the needs of others in front of him." Maheboob Khokhar

– Ramiz Vora

Ansi Alibava

– Ozair Kadir


Pa Kistan's Overseas Ministry confirmed nine Pakistani deaths in the attacks of Christchurch's mosque.

Zeeshan Raza, his father Ghulam Hussain and his mom Karam Bibi, Sohail Shahid, Syed Jahandad Ali, Syed Areeb Ahmed, Mahboob Haroon, Naeem Rashid and his son Talha Naeem.

Naeem Rashid and his son Talha Naeem, 22, died making an attempt to armed a shooter.

Rashid's brother, who lives in the Pakistani garrison at Abbottabad, Dr. Mohammad Khursheed acquired an emotional invitation from his sister who informed him about his brother's dying. He died together with his son Talha Naem.

Khursheed stated his brother had already bought his flight ticket to Pakistan for the Might household reunion. “He was very brave. He grabbed the gun, and I think he saved many lives, ”Khursheed stated.

Rashid had moved to New Zealand in 2009. He was a instructor right here and the similar career he had taken there and so his wife.

Rashid's 75-Yr Previous Mom Bedar Bibi was destroyed and needed to fly to New Zealand for the last time to see her son and grandson. "I want the Government of New Zealand to take me there to get one of the last look of my beloved son and grandson Talha," he stated.

The Ministry for Overseas Affairs offered more info on different attacks on lifeless residents: [19659002] – Sohail Shahid, son of Muhammad Shabbir, 40 years previous.

– Syed Jahanand Ali, age 34.

– Mahboob Haroon, son of Shahid Mehboob, resident of Ravalpind, 40 years previous.


The Jordanian man says his 4-year-old niece is preventing after his life after being wounded. Sabri Daraghmeh stated by telephone from Jordan on Saturday that the woman, Elin, will stay in a "dangerous phase" and that her father, Waseem – the brother of Sabri – is secure.

Daraghmeh says that 33-year-old Waseem moved to New Zealand five years in the past and described it as "the safest place to ever live."

Daraghmehs are Palestinians however have Jordanian citizenship, like many others listed as Jordanian residents lifeless and wounded. rely Jordan or different nations.


Shihadeh Nasasrah, 63, wounded in the capturing of a New Zealand mosque, stated that he spent horrific minutes beneath two lifeless men as the shooter continued capturing.

The attacker "would go out and bring in more ammunition and continue," stated Nasasrah, speaking on the telephone from Christchurch Hospital, the place he recovered from two photographs on his leg. I was afraid to go away because I didn't know the most secure means. I died several occasions, not as soon as. "

Nasasrah stated about 200-300 worshipers in the mosque for Friday's prayers, and that he and his pals have been sitting in front, near imam or prayer leader.

"Panic spread all over," Nasasrah stated started to say Allahu Akbar (God is great). We messed up to go to a different door leading to the hall after which to the road, but the bullets introduced us down. "

" Two people came on and he (the gun) approached us and opened fire. Both were killed and died, ”Nasasrah said. “I felt their blood. I myself was shot, and I thought "I die". "

He stated he spoke the words that divine Muslims converse before his dying -" there is no God but God, and Mohammed is his messenger. "

Automotive Supplier Nasasrah stated that the majority of the worshipers have been in Asia, corresponding to Indonesia, India, Singapore and Malaysia, and that the Arabs shaped a smaller half of the church. heard a racist phrase in this nation, ”he stated. Damascus after which worked as a translator in New Zealand for 14 years at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia. his son was just 200 meters (219 yard from Al Noor Mosque on Friday when every part went flawed. Heil had no idea that the white supremacy had simply slaughtered at the very least 41 individuals inside the mosque. Instantly, a automotive pushed by a automotive stopped and the man leaned out of a window displaying his gun.

They ran when the bullets began to fly. But in the 67's, Nasir couldn’t keep together with his 35-year-old son. He fell back by two or three deadly steps.

Nasir, who lived in Pakistan, repeatedly visited his son in New Zealand.

She was on a 3rd week go to when she was shot.


When the inner rage of the mosque started, Sami was shot behind when he dove to guard his two sons, Abdullah, 29, and Ali, 23, Gulf News reported.

”My dad is a real hero. He shot his back on his again, making an attempt to guard my brothers, but he didn't let anything occur to them, ”Adeeb's daughter, Heba, 30, advised Gulf news.

Sami, described by Gulf News as an Iraqi consultant of New Zealand in Dubai, was reduce to remove the bullet and his daughter stated she was recovering.