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The Adventures of Saint Issa in the Far East

At the foot of the Himalayas

One morning in Saint Issa, a 13-year-old Jewish mystic boy made the fatal choice to go away his house and set foot on an historic silk trade in India. His aim was to review the everlasting truths that came from the holy individuals of the Far East.

For almost a yr's journey by way of in depth desserts and fertile globes, the young saint carried out miraculous healings of man upon the sick and taught all who used to review inside to find the perennial truths of existence.

As his journey progressed, Saint Issa found much comfort in the majesty of nature. Most nights he slept and prayed in the similar historic caves that had previously woke up creatures. Nevertheless, on some warm and clear nights, the younger saint, nevertheless, will solely camp beneath the stars. Such experiences have been essential for working towards ascetics.

The Prince of Peace, who later knew him among his numerous house owners, walked every single day for 20 miles (32 km) with a strolling stick, a canteen. water and an apple cup in his hand. The wandering mystic walked on and continued until he lastly arrived in northern India at the foothills of the sacred Himalayas.

Earlier than he continued his climb to these uncommon peaks of knowledge, Saint Issa stopped to rest and recognized the beauty of the pure surroundings. As he moved to tears, he knelt on the floor and informed a quick however gracious prayer to the Creator: Oh my God, the first purpose, the final precept, and the great supply of love, information my being in order that it may well be a part of an ideal union with you. "

After a few moments, Saint Issa rose to his feet, bowing to the altar of nature. Before him and began a steep ascent to the high mountains where many seekers before him had attained enlightenment.

The journey of the Holy Father up in the foothills of the Himalayas, to the villages where he had heard that the holy men were entering, was about 100 hundred miles (161 km) long. However, due to torrential rains, many of the mountain trails were made unavoidable and he had to navigate alternative routes.

The result was that the challenging journey of seven to eight days turned into a dangerous two-week test. the will of the young boy. Of course, there was not too much of a challenge to deal with this inspiring being. Saint Issa presented an endless amount of fruit, breads and vegetables from his thoughts.

Whenever he passed through a small village, this Prince of Peace stopped to feed the poor and desperate. As Holy Spirit's spiritual charity spread, men and women around the country traveled to the villages he walked through to receive gifts of food and touch the feet of a young holy man. Feeding the hungry and serving the poor had always been a natural request of the saint, whom they variously affectionately called in many places where he wandered.

Finally, on the thirteenth day of his journey, Saint Issa arrived in the holy village of India. The city was 152 meters high and offered dramatic views of the Himalayas. When Saint Issa joined the community, he was humiliated by tears to find all its residents standing in the city center waiting for him. Men and women showered the hiker with food, prayer beads and jewelry adorned with sacred Hindus and Buddhist continents.

The tall and bearded long-haired saint smiled warmly, bowed and opened his arms to hug every villager. One by one, each took his turn to embrace the young mystic, and many felt that he was pouring love on his being. As St Isa circled the village, several people fell to their knees and prayed as he walked. All the while, the cows, the dogs, the mountaintops, and the Himalayan jacket, were following him, as if they were drawn on a string.

Saint Issa blessed everyone he passed by. He even stopped to pray for a group of robbers who had to be expelled from the village the next day. After sharing endless compassion with the indigenous peoples for much of the morning and afternoon, he wandered to the outskirts of the city and found very modest wood, stone, and mud.

Saint Issa had heard from a local parent that a respected hermit-wise man lived there. A curious young seeker knocked on the door three times. There was no answer. He paused for a moment and then tried again.

After the second round of knocking, the door opened slowly and the old man emerged from the darkness. He was medium, very thin, and used his hair in long, clear braids that stretched to his knees as he opened. The old man stared at Saint Isa in silence for what would have been a boredom for the ordinary pilgrim. Finally, the old man spoke:

"I've been waiting for you. You are a sensible and respectable being. But you’ll not fulfill your calling here on earth till you’ll be able to keep in mind your final two incarnations right here on earth. "

The old sage fixed his eyes so heavily on the young mystic. Saint Issa bowed his head in awe and asked a series of questions in response:

“Oh, illuminated, there are many questions in my mind. Who are you? What can be my calling other than to serve my Heavenly Father in the spirit? Why do I need to get information about my last two incarnations? "

The previous clever man replied:

" My name is Vasudeva Das. I incarnated on this planet many times throughout eternity. I decided to give birth in this form to help liberate and guide others to their own enlightenment. Your supreme goal, oh young noble, is indeed to serve Brahman and all the manifestations of his spirit. For you, however, this role has been heightened. You, dear Saint, are a great and liberated soul who has taken this birth to restore the path of peace that has been forgotten in the present age of darkness. Your dharma is to lead the way back to self-realization. "

Saint Issa fell to his knees and bowed to the previous man. Then he answered quietly, "

" But nice seer, you still haven't answered my third query: Why do I have to find out about my last two births? Does the current one not like everyone? "

Salem carefully placed his hand on the head of the young mystic and replied,"

"You must acquire knowledge of each birth to fully understand your own karmic path, and to appreciate the importance of your incarnation for the spiritual development of the world. Once you have acquired this knowledge, your cause for birth will be felt and fulfilled. You have to achieve great things, noble wanderer from the center of the world. What you have achieved is not the false magnitude of wealth and judgment, but the magnificence of the Prophet eternally engraved in the hearts of the wise and faithful. "

Saint Issa bowed for a 3rd time and then touched the ft of the Sensible Vasudeva Das, earlier than leaving, in his shiny presence into the evening.

Lord Buddha

  Buddha's face on the Bodhi tree in Ayutthaya

For the subsequent yr, Saint Issa prayed, meditated, chanted, fasted and served the individuals of the excessive village of India with nice love and devotion. Throughout this time, the wandering saint also remembered both of his final two incarnations. After one yr of follow, the younger saint discovered little success and eventually sought the sensible Vasudeva Das Council.

Simply as earlier than, Saint Issa walked on the outskirts of the village and residential from house. hermit-sage. A wandering seeker knocked on the door and waited. A couple of moments before Vasudeva Das quietly opened the door and met the friends at the similar greeting: "I've been waiting for you."

Then, in Saint bowed to the previous holy man, and stated:

"illuminated, I still have not remembered either of the previous incarnation. I really feel near a breakthrough, however my Heavenly Father has not yet revealed such insights to me. “

Vasudeva Das stepped out of his house and closed the door. Then he urged the young mystic to kneel earlier than him. Saint Issa was simply too completely happy to oblige, because the previous sensible man placed each his arms on the boy's shoulders and stated softly, "

" To remember myself, one must overlook one's personal. forgetting
In reality, somebody will find their everlasting self. "

Vasudeva Das then added:

" Might I recommend you begin to repeat the following mantra: OM TAT SAT. "

" What does that mantra mean, O Holy One? "

" OM, as you already know, refers to the vibration of creation heard throughout the universe. TAT stands for what is beautiful, loving and present. And SAT is absolute bliss and fact. So OM TAT SAT means ONE is the supreme actuality and the absolute fact. Say this mantra repeatedly. Day and night time. Night time and day. Repeat it throughout meditation and say it as you’re employed or at rest. This mantra, if stated with the weight of your good spirit behind it, will reveal the answers you’re in search of. "

Saint Isa touched the holy man's feet and stood and bowed before returning. An old hermit-latch bowed in return, and a smile of great compassion swept his face. Saint Issa was special. Vasudeva Das knew this. It was only a matter of time before the whole world knew it!

Later that afternoon, Saint Issa wandered back to the village, playing with the children, caring for the sick, and mentally counseling on despair. As it becomes his daily routine, Saint Issa appeared in abundant quantities of bread, cheese, fruits, and vegetables to privately feed the poor.

When the beloved saint had finished his care for the last person of the day (a terrified father who had lost his young daughter from a poisonous snake bite), he filled his canteen with water and set out to meditate in the nearby Himalayan peak.

After three hours of climbing, Mount Selsa finally reached the summit of the high altitude. Then he took the lotus station, packed a tube filled with holy herbs, and began to repeat the "OM TAT SAT" mantra. He then went into deep meditation. As the physical senses of his body gave way to the fine rhythms of his heart, the young mystic experienced the Transcendental vision:

Saint Issa saw himself as an orange luminescent light beam. A wave of clear white light that went in and out in all directions was flowing through his being. Then Saint Issa felt herself blending into this light. Seeing himself in the recess, he felt his soul detach from his body and fly into the sky.

The young mystic then saw all the reality set before him. Viewed from above, she saw the babies born and die. She saw beautiful parties, sacrifices to the gods and goddesses, and miserable mothers. He saw kindness but also selfish cases of pride, anger and envy. He saw the men smiling and shaking hands. But he also saw people absurdly killing each other on the battlefield.

He saw everything. Good and bad. White and dark forces. All the dualities of mankind were revealed before him. Then Saint Issa admitted that suffering was as much a fact of life on earth as it was of joy. As his heart blew with compassion, the young saint felt the suffering of the whole world in his essence. Then he asked himself what was at the root of all this suffering.

In a deep state of meditation, Saint Issa began to internalize what he had taught many Oriental wise men over the past year: All suffering was just selfish. desire and attachment: attachment to property and attachment to fame. Even the desire to do "good" can turn out to be affection until it is based mostly on pure consciousness.

Saint Issa began to see that suffering can end if one learns to reside with out selfishness. Instantly his view deepened once more, and this time he noticed himself in a unique body. He was sitting beneath the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India, meditating on the revival. Then, in the mild of absolute information, Saint Issa revealed that he had been Lord Buddha 500 years earlier! He and Buddha have been the similar being! As pressure crammed, he began to recollect each element of his latest and blessed incarnation.

He remembered his youth as a prince and all the earthly pleasures it offered. He remembered the lengthy journey of his father, the king, to protect his son from the bodily crimes of life – illness, previous age, and demise. The young saint recalled the utter shock he felt when he first noticed the leper and the physique of the lifeless lying close to the palace.

Saint Issa remembered the moment when he gave up his palace life and left his residence, his spouse and youngsters. in search of enlightenment. He remembered his religious steerage beneath several revered visas, in addition to the years he spent as a training ascetic deep inside the jungle. He remembered his final abandonment of asceticism and his want to find a middle ground between the extremes of ascetic life and the indifference of palace life. Wooden, the formation of his ministry in India, and 45 years of service he devoted to lay and superior religious seekers. Saint Issa then recalled his final moments of incarnation as Buddha and the transition of his spirit beyond the wheel of start and dying. He opened his eyes and settled right into a cheerful silence for an additional 20 minutes earlier than wrapping himself up in blanket to spend the night time on the summit.

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