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The British come (Auburn football game)

The British come (Auburn football game)

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In 1990, Denise Ford swore that he would by no means return to America. A lot he hated George Strait and Clint Black and Rebaa as well as Elvis Presley's automotive museum and rather more what he heard and saw in Tennessee.

“I felt like I was in the 1950s.”

She was on trip together with her mother and father. His father thought-about doing work for the states. The trip took three weeks. America was lovely, but he was 18 years previous and it was torture. Denise – Dee – informed her mother and father she would by no means occur.

It is occurring again as we speak. A number of hours ago, he handed the keys to Jimmy's caretaker, kissed the canine nicely and went to Heathrow's terminal three, a teenage promise.

There was one place on the spot – No. 43. In fact he took the image.

A lot he loves Auburn.


Through the day, Dee drives around the Mini to Kent's Gillingham metropolis, which evaluates the worth of houses and financial institution workplaces. He's good, owns his personal business. At night time, he’s a pet safety point after the Gillingham police station because he is a dog nut (like canine exhibits and every thing). Consider it or not, dognapping is clearly an enormous deal in England. So he keeps the telephone all night time if the police want him to send the Twilight Bark digital model.

Which means on Saturday, January 25, 2014, at night time @dee_ford_ gained the Senior Bowl MVP Award – was hell for @dee_ford.

There he’s making an attempt to sleep and vibrating on his iPhone and tweeting the daybreak (and then something), not Amber's alarms for Labradoods, however speaking about wars, speaking about house…

Was he crushed? Does this bullying appear? What is Auburn? Who the hell is Jay Jacobs?

“Stop retweeting @ jayjacobsauad's tweets from Dee Ford. He didn't use my address correctly. Too many messages none 4. #notafootballer ”

On Sunday morning he was a Twitter bio music” NOTE! I'm not Auburn / Kansas Metropolis's master footballer who is @dee_ford_, I'm boring researcher Kent. “That afternoon it had turn into a factor. Individuals favored retweeting. Then it happened. Dee didn't simply stop preventing – he started to get into it. It all started to get into it. He started asking questions on football. Individuals started responding. He began to say "War Eagle." He admitted the interview. He gave more interviews. He began speaking about recruitment. He broke Philip Lutzenkirchen and referred to as him "tree baits." When he heard a horrible news in a couple of months, he took it very arduous.

Being orange and blue @lutzenkirchen #aubrit saying farewell. # RIP43

The season continued after the season… 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. On the first night time he had 20 Twitter followers. He now pushes 4000, virtually all Auburn fans. His Twitter bio is a new line: ”NOTE! I'm not Auburn / Kansas Metropolis's grasp footballer who is @dee_ford_ I'm boring researcher from Kent, however now also the corporate #AUfamily #WarEagle "

In June she met Jay Jacobs drinks for the London pub. It was superior. He used the Auburn shirt that he had despatched him four years earlier than a frivolous apology to destroy his Saturday night time and change his life ceaselessly.


Ultimately, the thought began to type on the end of September. It has been talked about for years. He has misplaced his calculation of what number of members of his pleasant viewers have provided a leading GoFund marketing campaign to get him to Iron Bowl or one thing. He even has a couple of individuals to offer the whole thing himself.

"Yeah," he says in his proper Medway accent, "there have actually been a few of them."

He says thanks and well mannered. He didn't need to go. He did. It isn’t just about having fun on-line. It's not simply something that his Facebook associates are laughing at. It is true. Dee Ford is a fan of Auburn – football, basketball, baseball… work. He simply can't assist himself.

"I see how passionate people are in Auburn," he says. “They are totally crazy about all sports. It's not just here. We do not really respect footballers (ie footballers) in any way. No one really sees (athletes) how people in America do. ”

And at the College Degree!

Dee graduated from Greenwich College, residence preventing, who knows…

If that they had sports when he was there, he didn't find out about it.

"If they did, they weren't public," he says. “We go to sleep to study and drink. We don't actually do sport. There isn’t any such thing as grants for sleep and positively not for sport. "

grants. Autographs. Fan Days. Statues. It’s the factor that has satisfied her to convince her to offer the state one other attempt – or no less than one state, one metropolis.

”Everyone in Auburn takes care of the players. We don't have this here. It’s utterly totally different. It's good to see that individuals are really proud of one other individual's happiness. I like how individuals speak about different individuals in Auburn and the way they are comfortable to speak to me. Though I don't know, they’re completely satisfied to share. You simply don't see it here. "

He really needed to see it – see it personally – for almost five years, but the post-season period never labored.

Too uncomfortable to simply accept this type of charity from individuals mostly on vacation. Too expensive to do your self. Too busy.

But on the finish of September issues changed. He received itching. And it seemed that he would be capable of scratch it. His final vacation was in 2008. Somebody who likes to journey has not sat properly. His last journey? Climbing by means of Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Earlier than that, India. Oh, and he's kayaking in the Amazon. It was time to treat yourself again. Time to see the world again. Time to reside again.

Struggle Damn Eagle.

He checked his calendar. Might it work? Was 17.11. Weekend recreation? Sure, the group referred to as Liberty – how applicable! Was Jimmi out there for homes? Yeah. Might he actually spend time at work? Sure, lastly.

The solely factor left was to see if Jen might meet her in Atlanta.


"He was easy to locate," says Jen Roemershauser for the primary time in Dee & # 39; s Chinese food at Heathrow Hilton in 2014. "She was wearing her Auburn shirt."

From Auburn in 1992. He works for an oil and fuel company. He travels to the UK for lots of business. He at present lives close to Houston. It's good, much nicer than it was – Manziel Manian.

In 2013, when Auburn traveled to Kyle Area, the 2012 nightmare defeat to Texas A&M revenge, Jen needed to be there. What he saw in the final 17 seconds nonetheless makes him confused.

“We had 20 lines up the field and Dee Ford ate Johnny football right in front of me,” Jen says. “It strengthened my deep and lasting love for Dee Ford…”

… and it led to his deep and lasting love for Dee Ford.

It was simply pure. It was late at night time. Yen night time owl. He watched Senior Bowl earlier this evening. Then he began tweeting congratulations and items at Dee Ford. Everybody was. And whereas everyone realized what had happened, he stayed in it.

”Jen was one of many few people who answered my questions, and he gave me the solutions quite comfortably,” Dee says. “We just had a little talk on Twitter and then it turned out that he was coming to England. We have met twice before. We're talking all the time on Twitter, we're sending an email. He has become a good friend. ”

The feeling is mutual.

“He's just a charming, normal person, and he's just taken all of this into consideration,” Jen says. “He's bizarre as a result of it’s a must to be a bit nut that includes a set of lunatics on Twitter because you haven’t any concept. But the factor is, the individual we selected to disturb that day turned out to be a fantastic individual. It might have been utterly unintentional, however it simply exhibits that the Auburn household is a real factor. We now have embraced this individual as an honorary member – heck, a real member – of our household, although I feel perhaps only me and the other (fan of Auburn) have met him in the flesh. "

got here to the 2015 Kansas City-Detroit recreation at Wembley Stadium, the place he also hanged with a Chief family and managed to meet up with him for a couple of minutes.)

" He loves Auburn as much as we do, " . “It's her first vacation in 10 years. He is part of a world where he might easily go anyplace and he needs to go to Auburn, Alabama, a university football recreation.


Dee started speaking about it on Twitter in a couple of weeks. Because of the unfold of the phrase, Jen shortly turned a de facto social secretary. Jen has been busy. The route is packed.

He flies to Atlanta as we speak, assembly Dee. They lease a automotive, drive to Montgomery, get dinner with Jen's mother and father, get a lodge. Then it is out of the land of God on the eve of Friday. There is a radio interview (in an exhibition the place I happen to host). The WSFA is supposed to come down. In any case, Toomer & # 39; s Medicine has a 'n' with some Dee & # 39; s Twitter house owners. Then the enjoyable begins.

Sooner or later, SEC Nation's individuals took the wind. They came out of Dee. He referred them to Jen. A number of texts later, Dee was recorded on Friday afternoon to take a seat at the Auburn Athletics Complicated, the place the ESPN digital camera crew flies from Charlotte to Auburn. They comply with him around when he circles the town. There has even been speak of a direct interview with the crew of SEC Nation after the afternoon of taped segments.

"I said" wonderful ", Jen says," but not Finebaum or Greg McElroy. “He joked. A type of.

Saturday actually felt prefer it might be calm. Tailgate with Cellular Auburn Membership. Hang out. Tiger Stroll. See the eagle fly. And of course – God needs – the finals.

( "better profit Auburn," Dee stated, "because I am completely green, if I do not get to roll Toomer.")

However yesterday Jen acquired one other textual content. It was Auburn. They’ve a aspect ticket for him.

"This is INSANE," Dee tweeted. "I'm boring researcher from Kent!"

The entire story is crazy, sure. It's wild. But at the similar time it’s so Denise.

"Well, Denise has just got such a mad sense of humor," says Dill's mom, Jill Ford. "That's where it started."

Fords gets updates once in a while, as all the time with a new hyperlink.

(The Kansas Metropolis media ultimately ended up a few months ago after one other round of false id.)

"He's wonderful, he's wonderful," Father Tony says. "He works hard and deserves everything he comes to."

They still couldn't consider it when he saw them on Monday night time at Strood. America? Free residence nation music?

In fact, Fords liked America. Tony stopped working in 1990. It was in Kansas. They spent ten years there.

“I hope we could have stayed in America,” Tony says. "Fabulous country."

"Yes, we were there for 10 years and he didn't come to see us once," Jill says. "Think of yourself as revered."

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