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WWE SmackDown Results – March 12, 2019 – Owens & Ali vs. Bryan & Rowan – TPWW

WWE SmackDown Results - March 12, 2019 - Owens & Ali vs. Bryan & Rowan - TPWW

12. March 2019
Dayton, Ohio
Remark: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results: Roy Nemer of

Fast results

  1. Aleister Black, Ricochet & The Hardy Boyz vs. Rusev , Shinsuke Nakamura & The Bar were not competitions after the brand new day attacked all
  2. Asuka gained Sonya Deville after the Asuka lock, when Mandy Rose "accidentally" triggered Deville
  3. Rey Mysterio & R-Fact gained Andrade & Samoa Joe Mysterion Joe
  4. Kevin Owens & Mustafa Ali Wins Daniel Bryan and Rowan by way of Rowan Ali

In-Ring: Shane McMahon

WWE Smackdown Stay Starts With Shane McMahon Coming Out of the Ring. One of the best tag prize is in the ring. Shane insists that the ring poster will get into the ring and whispers something to her. The announcer calls Shane McMahon the perfect on the earth. Fans boo like Shane makes the ring announcer repeat two extra occasions, telling him to say it convincingly. Shane shakes his hand because the announcer leaves the ring.

Shane says many people ask him why he attacked Miz. Shane says she is sick, she is uninterested in all the people who have ever been in her life. Not just fans, superstars, hundreds of WWE staff. He says individuals all the time ask him learn how to get a campaign, stock choices. Shane says that folks do not know what she's doing behind the scenes each day. What he can do for them and it stopped on Sunday when he attacked The Miz

McMahon says he's not one of the best on the planet as a result of he gained the prize or as a result of he turned a champion of the tag staff. He's the perfect on the planet because he was born this manner. And any longer he’ll begin doing issues for him. And it started on Sunday when he attacked The Miz. Shane says he is releasing and feeling good at attacking The Miz. McMahon challenges The Miz in WrestleMania and leaves the ring.

Aleister Black, Ricochet & The Hardy Boyz vs. Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura & The Bar

Black and Nakamura begin the match. Both males change the suitable arms and kick the black mark into Ricochet. Each males double Nakamura. SRicochet with a permanent moon. He goes to motion, but Nakamura begins. Ricochet acknowledges Matt Hardy's ring when Nakamura acknowledges Sheam for the match.

Hardy takes Sheam down and recognizes Jeff Hardy. Hardy goes on to assault Cesar and his clothesline with Sheamus Hardy. Sheamus tags in Cesaro. Cesaro's foot drops to Jeff Hardy. He goes to the deck, however Jeff leaves. Cesaro acknowledges Rusev's match. Each males double Jeff. Rusev, who has a sleeper, retains Jeff closed when Jeff tries to get out of it, however Rusev slams Hardy's carpet. Rusev acknowledges Sheam for the match.

Rusev hits Jeff in the nook and marks Nakamura within the match. Nakamura wins Jeff and marks Rusev's match. Jeff jaw breaker for Ruseville Jeff tags for Ricochet. Ricochet with drop kick. Ricochet jumps off the highest rope, however Rusev together with his right hand and Ricochet drops out of the ring.

Cesaro is in a business position on the Ricochet tire and each males are within the ring. Ricochet made a match for Matt Hardy and he shook Cesaro's head on the turn. He marks Jeff Hardy and a aspect effect on Cesaro. All six men arrive within the ring when all the hell breaks down. Hardy's fate for Cesaro. Jeff climbs the upper rope and swanton bomb. He goes to the deck, however his staff breaks it.

All eight males are preventing. Coming a new day and attacking everyone and emptying the ring.

Winners: No Competitors

Backstage: The Usos

Perspective We see the promo that cuts the Usus, which they increase towards the tag workforce.

In-Ring: Randy Orton, AJ Types

Randy Orton's music hits and comes out. He says this can be a house built by AJ types? But he doesn't understand that in 2002, Types wrestled $ 10 in a high school fitness center when he was here to make a WWE ringtone. And in 2004, AJ Types went to the bingo corridor together with his opponents when he turned the youngest WWE champion ever. And in 2006, Types acquired a tan with Dixie Carter when he was towards Undertaker in WrestleMania. And in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 he was here and he was a champion. This isn’t a home built by AJ types. This can be a home built by Randy Orton.

AJ's music tracks and he comes right down to the ring. Types tells Orton that somebody who seems to be down, follows his career intently. He says he came from Indians and he’s additionally pleased with it. And he has heard that it was stated that pals like Orton weren’t for his world, but they have been constructed for WWE. And that's good, as a result of guys like Orton wouldn't have completed it on the planet, not with a diamond press.

Orton asks Type if he or somebody of his indie boys never tore anyone off? Orton makes too candy an indication. Types say behind the scenes, surrounded by his indie balls. They deserved the suitable to be within the WWE, they didn't go to their fathers to get a job at WWE. Types stated Orton's first yr, he had help with Evolution to ensure he didn't fail. Orton stated he has achieved more on the age of 24 than anybody else within the area. He’s a 13-year-previous champion, he gained the Royal Rumble twice, the primary occasion in WrestleMania and appeared in 15 WrestleManias. No one wanted to help him.

Types says Evolution or Legacy. Or Rated RKO, She and Edge. Did he overlook? Or the Wyatt family. AJ says he hears that he had plenty of infants. The types say that Orton is a viper, he makes use of every little thing around him, and when he does, he throws them down. That's why he obtained to jump to him at WWE Fastlane, he's not his next sufferer. Orton says he can't select. As long as he needs to lease a room in his home, he’s a governor, and the lease is as a result of Orton calls him a bitch. Lease might be made to RKO

AJ refers back to the WrestleMania label and tells Randy if she needs her lease, come and take it. Randy Orton leaves the ring.

Asuka vs. Sonya Deville

The bells are ringing and we're on. Both ladies with early cancellation. Sonya is kicked by Asuka. Sonya goes to another pot, but Asuka blocks it and delivers his kick. Asuka goes to the playoffs, but Sonya strikes off the street. Deville's spear. He leaves the deck, but Asuka begins.

Sonya Deville goes to the appropriate hand, however Asuka prevents it. Asleep on knee face and Deville rolls outdoors the ring. Asuka goes to the baseball slide however hits Mandy. Sonya throws the Asuka again into the ring. Sonya is in a hoop ear and Mandy tries to rise up to Sony inadvertently. Asuka grabs Sony and will get her to the Asuka lock when Sonya clicks.

Winner: Asuka

After the match, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville spoke and Mandy asked Sony if she thought she had hit her for the purpose. Sonya says no as a result of Mandy walks behind Sony

Backstage: The IIconics

IIconics is a backstage, they usually speak concerning the feminine tag group Sasha Banks and Bailey. They mention how they haven't been detected but and the way they will't cover from them ceaselessly. And their future is in Smackdown Stay and the longer term is IIconic

In-Ring: Becky Lynch, Charlotte Aptitude

Becky Lynch's Songs. He throws his crown away and will get into the ring. Becky says it feels good to stroll on the ramp with its two legs and the man is back. And back to WrestleMania's head occasion. Becky says he’s the one who selected Ronda Rouse and the only cause Charlotte Aptitude is there for Vince McMahon. He gained the Royal Rumble and played Rouse as a violin to get again to the match. He asks in the event that they understand how troublesome it is to play thoughts video games for a lady who has no brain. He says he will take his identify in WrestleMania. He doesn't care who he needs to win anymore because in WrestleMania he returns all the things.

Songs by Charlotte Flair. Charlotte says first, congratulations. Ultimately Becky did it in her principal performance. Sure, crucial event of the golden woman. Though he was absent and arrested, he did all of the work. His resume speaks for himself. One factor is scorching for six months, however he's been scorching for 4 years. That's why she was chosen, she was chosen to get a job.

Flair asks Becky if he needs to know why the WWE universe supports him. As a result of they all remorse him. As he felt sorry, Ronda Rousey regretted him. And regardless of how arduous he tries to run it, he acquired a hand as a result of he by no means noticed in his life that someone was doing so little, but taking the credit a lot. Charlotte says she has to do Becky and Ronda once more. Charlotte calls himself Miss Miss WrestleMania.

Lynch says he stops, he had a division for 4 years and did nothing. Coming to Becky and now they're in WrestleMania's fundamental show. They want a man, not a queen.

Backstage: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan and Rowan are behind the scenes and Kayla asks Daniel what he’s doing at Vince McMahon's workplace. Bryan says he thought Vince had to hear his trustworthy suggestions earlier than Vince spoke to Kofi Kingston in the present day. Kayla asks what the Vince reaction was, and Bryan says that Vince put him and Rowan within the match later tonight with Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali

Rey Mysterio & R-Fact vs. Andrade & Samoa Joe

With the rebound of Fact and Andrade. R-Fact runs on ropes and a rotating elbow from R-Fact, which marks Rey's match. Each men double Andrade. Rey jumps and hurricanrana Andrade lands on another rope. Joe recognizes himself and attacks Rey Thriller. Samoa Joe throws outdoors Rey Mysterion.

Back to the business and Samoa River is Rey Mysterio within the modified toe bar. R-Fact comes and breaks it. Samo Joe acknowledges Andrade and goes to 3 amigos, however Mysterio turns it right into a piled driver. Each males are on the carpet. Mysterio makes a notice and comes to R-Fact flying photographs. R-fact with 5 boxing. R-Fact raises Andrade up and goes to Angle Adjustment, but Joe recognizes himself. R-Fact hits Joe and runs into the ropes when Mysterio is tagged. Samo Joe, who has a superpot, takes R-Fact down. Mysterio with Hurrican on each Samoa River and Andrad

Rey Mysterio, with 619 for both men. Mysterion clamped frog for Andrade. Samo Joe, who had my cent in Rey Thriller. Joe raises Mysterion up, but Rey turns it on the deck and will get three chips.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and R-Fact

Samoa Joe is attacking Andrade after the match

Kevin Owens & Mustafa Ali vs. Daniel Bryan & Rowan

Watches and Kevin Owens are within the ring with Daniel Bryan. Owens shoulder block followed by a operating forearm. Bryan recognizes Rowan for the match. Rowan, with a shoulder block, takes Owens down. Owens kick when he recognizes Ali. Ali jumps out of the top rope, Rowan catches him, Ali moves off the street, Rowan goes Ali but Ali is kicking his face. Ali travels in the direction of Rowan, however on Rowa's forearm takes Ali down. Rowan is attacking Owens, which is within the ring. Rowan acknowledges WWE champion. Bryan, with a modified head. Ali fights out. He runs into ropes, however Daniel Bryan, who has an elbow on his face. Daniel Bryanin snap suplex.

Daniel Bryan has Ali on a business basis. Daniel Bryan's double hook. He goes to the deck, however Mustafa Ali begins. Bryan goes to La Belle lock, however Ali gets his ft on the rope. WWE Grasp's prime suggestion. Bryan sends Ali to the ropes, but Ali takes down the drop down Daniel Bryan.

Mustafa Ali goes to the mark, but Bryan grabs his left foot. Coming to Rowan and coming to Owens and super-kick Owens. Ali and Owens double superkick take Rowan out. Kevin Owens gets to the ring, however Rowan takes him down. Bryan acknowledges the tire inside Rowan. Ali jumps off the other rope, Rowan grabs Ali and closes him to the ring mat.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Rowan

In-Ring: Vince McMahon, New Day

Vince McMahon's music tracks and he comes right down to the ring. Vince McMahon says he's here tonight to offer Kofi Kingston the prospect to compete in WrestleMania for a WWE champion. Vince asks for a take a look at last Sunday's clip from Fastlane, where he spoke to New Day and Kofi was in a challenging match towards Sheam and Cesaro. McMahon says that Kofi and followers hear what they need to hear. He by no means stated that Kofi can be a triple menace. He gave Kof a chance to compete and he failed. He does this stuff for a cause and what he does is the second to teach

The music of the brand new day will hit Kofi Kingston, Huge E and Xavier Woods. The sound "Kofi" sings from the gang. Massive E says that if he’s trustworthy, they don’t seem to be in the sense that they’re taught a rattling factor. He says he's all over the place, they went to India final week. Woods stated they never threatened to go away in the event that they didn't get what they needed, but they have been nonetheless being treated as junk. Huge E says Kofi has been in WWE for 11 years, he deserves more.

Vince says that Kofi hasn't deserved a rattling factor. They don't deserve anything, he doesn't even earn something. No one deserves anything.

Massive E says that that is extra than just their opinion. This is higher than the brand new day and higher than Vince's personal ego. Vince says there’s nothing more justified than his ego. Woods says Vince stated no one deserves something however earned. Kofi has gained the WWE champion, however for some cause he by no means had the prospect to compete in the WWE championship. And that's simply one of many many reasons that Kofi deserves a match for the WWE title. Huge E says the WWE universe has one demand. They demanded that Kofi Kingston be given the prospect to compete in the WWE championship. The sound "Kofi" sings from the gang.

Vince says he really needs Kofi to deserve this. He tells Kof that he knows him for a long time, and if he have been worthy of the championship, it will have occurred way back. Vince says that Kofi is impressive and what he does late is superior, unimaginable. In the future he is within the famous Corridor, but he doesn't go himself. She goes in as a part of a brand new day. And he's fairly sensible, his age, he's obtained these two younger bucks subsequent to him. They do all the work and he takes the honour. Vince says that Kof has a variety of options and he needs to be as much as par. Vince says he spoke behind Daniel Bryan's scenes, and he thinks Bryan hit it. He stated Kofi is nice, however he's an excellent B + player.

Kofi says he's not asking at no cost driving, a hand, or demanding a match from WrestleMania to a WWE title. But 11 years in the past he was a toddler in a dream. And this dream has come true. She has been capable of supply her household and journey around the globe. But he want to assume sooner or later during these 11 years, he has shown him that he’s valuable. But he doesn't see it like that. Kofi says he's not complaining about something. Information about how he performs every week breaks his ass whereas giving other individuals alternatives. He doesn't complain about this. He doesn’t complain about how he needs to be in the ring as an alternative of his household. He stated he had by no means been dishonest or treating his youngsters. A couple of days in the past, his son lost his first tooth, however he was not there as a result of he was here in the ring. He by no means complained concerning the time he was spending, or the truth that he had never allowed him to compete for WWE names. Kofi says he by no means complained and he doesn't start now. But what he wants is Vince to tell him what he wants to do so that he can do it. Kofi tells Vince that fans consider in him.

Randy Orton's music hits and comes to Orton. Vince says that each one Kofi should do the job of profitable Randy Orton. Samoa Joe's music hits. Out comes Joe. Vince says he has to beat Samo Joe. Sheamus and Cesaro's songs. Vince says Kofin should additionally win them and Rowan. All Kofi must make them next week, and Kofi Kingston goes to WrestleMania.

Orton, Samoa Joe, Sheamus, Cesaro and Rowan are all on the tire aspect. The brand new day fights them all