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WWE SmackDown Results – March 5, 2019 – US Headline Fatal 4-Way, Owens vs. Rowan – TPWW

WWE SmackDown Results - March 5, 2019 - US Headline Fatal 4-Way, Owens vs. Rowan - TPWW

5. March 1919
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Remark: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves
Results: Roy Nemer and

Fast results

  1. Miz gained Jey Uso by way of Cranium Crushing Ultimate [19659004] Lethal 4-method US Championship: Samoa Joe gained R-Fact (c), Rey Mysterion and Andraden Rock Backside in Andrade to win the title
  2. Aleister Black & Ricochet Wins By way of Baroc 630 Ricochet Cesaro
  3. Mandy Rose Wins Via Naomi's Angel's Wings
  4. Kevin Owens gained Rowan's DQ when Daniel Bryan attacked Owens

In-Ring: Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens

WWE Smackdown Reside triggers champion Daniel Bryan with Rowan. Bryan gets into the ring and refers back to the titanium tune. The clips that got here out of Kofi Kingston's signature last week speak with their 11-year-previous firm.

Bryan says that final week he stayed quiet when everybody plundered Kofi over Kingston. And he was quiet when Vince McMahon replaced Kofi Kingston with Kevin Owens at Fastlane. However this time it's his flip to talk and their turn to silence. Rowan tells the public to shut and open his ears as a result of Daniel illuminates all the things. Vote for "Kofi" to sing from the gang.

The Grasp says he isn’t here speaking about Kofi Kingston and why he can be as a result of Kofi isn’t a pacesetter. Kofi is a supporter, which is why Kofi is the place he must be; together with his buddies on a new day advert tour in India. Vince was right to switch him, but he won’t have replaced him with Kevin Owens. Daniel says he understands why everyone likes Kevin Owens as a result of Kevin Owens is rather like them. He appears at them, he thinks about them, and he doesn't deserve a shot at the WWE Championship.

Because Kevin Owens is anyone. However it makes him so dangerous. As a result of no one is somebody who has nothing to lose. And he has every thing to lose because he’s a grasp of the planet. He has the strain to know that if he loses, the entire planet will lose. And he doesn't want anybody to name him martyr.

Kevin Owens's music hits when the challenger comes. Kevin says that when he was injured 5 months ago, he stepped out of the superstars and returned solely to the WWE universe. As a result of he was sitting together with his household for 5 months and looked at every uncooked and life of Smackdown. And as a lot as this time together with his family was, it was very troublesome to take a seat back and watch other individuals do what they need to do. Besides Daniel Bryan was gone. Since Bryan was gone, it wasn't very troublesome. It was horrible to observe him stroll out like a maniac and act above everyone. And if there's one thing he can't stand, it's somebody who thinks he's better than everybody else.

Owens says he didn't need Bryan to throw the WWE championship into the trash. And now he knew when he needed to return back and who he needed to go after. And he thinks he's speaking about the whole WWE universe when he says Bryan deserves that his closing mouth closes and he does it. Bryan says that his mouth should not be apprehensive by bearing in mind all of the debris they threw in their throat.

Kevin Owens asks if that is Daniel Bryan, who is vacationing with fat jokes. Kevin says Bryan is a pretending Jackass. But he doesn't have a actuality present, he doesn't have a 7-foot backup dancer. Bryan cuts her off and says that the only purpose she doesn't have seven legs is because she has no associates. Kevin Owens will get into the ring and says it's true. But it’s high quality because last week he didn't need anybody to beat him with the stunter and kill him with 1.2, 3 rings. And within the decrease line he by no means needed to take Kofi's probability. However Fastlane has his intention of profitable him once more and this time he's taken the WWE title

Rowan gets to Kevin's face when Bryan backs up. Kevin asks him if they’ve problems and hits him. Rowan runs after Owens, but Owens lowers the ropes when Rowan goes out. Owens goes to the stranger, however Bryan pushes him away and Rowan descends to the chokes

Jey Uso vs. The Miz

Uso acquired into the microphone and says at Elimination Chamber. However Fastlane, it’s the world's greatest tagging workforce towards them. Jimmy says he's unsure if he can take more bromine between this Mom and Shane. They speak about how they beat Shane and The Miz Fastlane.

Come Shane and The Miz. Shane says they are the world's greatest tagging staff and are available on Sunday they’ll see who will continue to snicker. Miz says tonight if Jey loses his focus, he will reap the benefits of him and hit him. He and Shane have another probability at Fastlane and in his hometown he makes Shane and his father proud. Usos leaves after The Miz and Shane, however the world's greatest tagging workforce throws them on prime of the rope.

Again to business and match is on. Miz and DDT. He goes to the deck, but Jey is kicking. Miz goes to Skull Crushing Finale, but Jey turns it into a Samoa drop. Jey climbs the highest line, splashing, however Miz places his ft up. Jey lands on his ft and goes to the deck. Jimmy pushes Jey on his ft, including strain to the duvet. Nevertheless, 2 chapters only when Miz starts. Shane hits Jimmy outdoors. Jey runs into ropes to go after Shane, but Miz lands at Cranium Crushing Finale.

Winner: The Miz

Backstage: Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Aptitude is within the background. She asks if it's just her or if Smackown Reside is lacking her greatest good friend Becky Lynch. He actually leaves him in his armpits and his struggling because Ronda Rousey gave him. Charlotte says if he wins Becky's Fastlane, Becky is prepared. But when Becky wins, WrestleMania will develop into a triple menace. However he needs to have a pleasant conversation with Becky Lynch tonight.

US Championship
R-Fact (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade

R-Fact says he needs to be like a childhood hero John Cena. But he didn’t know that Cena gave the US an open problem each week. She did it once and she or he's already tired. He tells Carmella he's exhausted. Carmella says it is like Worth says you’ll be able to never surrender. R-Fact says it's true, however he additionally stated you didn't see me, however he sees John Cain on a regular basis. He sees his Worth poster in his room, Worth sheets, and even watched a movie a few automotive that was an alien robot, and John Cena also saw there.

Carmella tells her to be courageous right after 7 seconds of dance break. Two dances. R-Fact says high quality, U.S's open challenge starts now.

The music of Lacey Evans hits and she or he comes out after which goes back. R-Fact says he's back.

Samoa River's music tracks and he arrives within the ring. Rey Mysterion's music hits and he comes out. Andrade's music tracks and Zelina Vega. The match is reported to be deadly to 4 ways and R-Fact is indignant

Back to business and Samoa Joe is the only man standing. He throws outdoors Andrade. He grabs the R-fact and throws him out. Joe, who has a system in Mysterio, adopted by an elbow drop. He goes to the deck, but Rey Mysterio shoots. Samoa Joe throws outdoors Rey Mysterion. Mysterio goes outdoors the ring and throws the master right into a barricade. He goes along with Rey Mysterion and an enormous piece. He walks to Andrade and two trade rates. Samo Joe sends to Andrade's ring. The face of Samo River on the forearm when he shouts to Andrad to inform him to rise. Samoa Joe pierces Andrade. Samoa Joe gets the Mysterion again into the tire and knee stomach. Andrade with right hand and arms. Andraden's rotating back. When Joe was within the nook, Andrade runs in the direction of him, but Joe strikes off the street when Andrade falls off the highest of the rope. Joe runs via the ropes and suicide dive to Andrad. Samo Joe grabs Rey Mysterio and sends him to the ring publish. Samo Joe raises Rey Mysterion, but Mysterio fights and R-Fact drops the sit back when Mysterio falls to the barricade.

Andrade and Eddie Guerrero's three Amigos-suplexia on Rey Mysterio. Andrade climbs up the highest rope and mimics Eddie Guerrero, but Mysterio together with his proper hand slows down Andradea. The Mysterio with the ring apron as Andrade goes to the suplex. R-Fact raises Andrade's shoulders, Mysterio jumps, but Andrade rolls over to R-Fact and Mysterio lands on Samoa River. Two payments as R-Fact triggers.

R-Fact's Proper Hand to Thriller. R-fact with an enormous splash on the river, adopted by a splash of Andrade and Mysterio. R-Fact goes to Joe, however Joe throws him on the carpet. Andrade hits Samoa Joe by taking him out. When Mysterio and R-Fact have been within the ring, Andrade goes to the moon. R-Fact moves off the street, Andrade descends on his ft and listens to Mystery. Joe throws the Andrade ring publish. R-Fact kick for Joe, adopted by an enormous blow.

The R fact with the backbone of the Samoa River. He raises Mysterion and throws him over the Samo River. R-Fact mimics John Cena You don't see me and double 5 fist blends. He goes to the Samoa River deck, but Joe kicks. R-Fact goes to a scissor struggle with Joe, however with Joe Coquina's change on R-Fact. Mysterio with 619 behind Joe. The R-Fact scrolls to the Mysterion deck, but Mysterio begins. R-fact goes after Mysterion, but Mysterio moves and the reality into the apron. Andrade fires outdoors of R-Fact.

Mysterio slides underneath ropes to R-Fact. Andrade goes outdoors and a power bomb to Thriller. Vega hurricanrana for R-fact. Carmella is a superpower Vega. When Mysterion is within the ring, Andrade goes into an influence bomb, but Mysterio turns it right into a piled driver. Mysterio descends 619. Mysterion purple. Joe, who had a senton in Mystery. Joe raises Andrade and provides the modified Rock Backside. He leaves the deck and will get 3 chapters.

Winner and New US Champion, Samoa Joe

Video: New Day

New Day in India the place they say they’re in Fastlane

Backstage: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is backstage and requested for his identify. Joe says the champion isn’t popping out and dancing trips. He doesn't love John Cena. All his opponents don’t respect, they usually have nightmares about how he can play with him.

Aleister Black & Ricochet vs. The Bar

The bells are ringing and we're on. Ricochet and Sheamus begin the match. Sheamus sends Ricochet to the rope, but Ricochet's right hand. Sheam's knee within the stomach. He sends Ricochet to the ropes, however drops the pot to Ricochet. Then shoots a star. He goes to the deck, however Sheamus begins. Sheamus raises Ricochet up and puts him on the higher rope. Ricochet's massive kick. Cesaro interferes with Ricochet, and Sheamus' huge begin-up sends outdoors Ricochet.

Cesaro returned a business, modified stem lock to Ricochet, but Ricochet leaves it. Ricochet jumping on DDT. Cesaro makes a word and Black is tagged. Black with a rotating elbow on Sheamus, followed by kicks. Black jumps out of one other rope and descends to the moon. Black with knee to face. He goes to the deck, however Cesaro breaks it. Cesaro is tagged in. Sheamus with black backwards, where Cesaro jumps off the higher rope on his knees.

When Cesaro taunting, Black hits Black Mass. Black tags Ricochet in. Black jumps over the higher rope over Sheamus. Ricochet with 630 Cesaro.

Winners: Ricochet and Aleister Black

After the match, Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev will attack behind Aleister Black and Ricochet. Come on Hardy Boyz. They clean the home by taking The Bar, Rusev and Nakamura.

Mandy Rose vs. Naomi

The bell rings and Naomi's huge kick takes Mandy down. Naomi with a chin. Sonya gets into the ring and disturbs Naomi. Mandy, with an enormous knee to Naomi. Mandy Rose raises Naomi and hits Angel's Wing together with her.

Winner: Mandy Rose

Mandy and Sonya stroll on the ramp and Asuka assaults them.

Backstage: AJ Types, Randy Orton

AJ Types is backstage and he requested Kevin Owens, who replaces Kofin. Types say WWE's potential is just not rising in the timber. And what occurred last week was a mistake, Kofi was robbed and Kevin Owens is dropping, dropping the state of affairs. Types say that fans shout Kofi Kingston, his possibilities, his second.

Randy Orton interrupts and asks Types if he needs to significantly speak to someone else who deserves a WWE title. Orton says he can see why AJ Types took 15 years to get to WWE.

Kevin Owens vs. Rowan

The bells are ringing and we're on. Rowan, with an enormous start, takes Owens down. Rowan throws Kevin's nook and Rowan's operating splash. The Rowan and Kevin Owens Drop recreation is falling out of the ring. Daniel Bryan speaks to Kevin Owens, who stories.

Kevin Owens assaults Daniel Bryan. Rowan goes outdoors and throws Owens into the play levels. Rowan is a operating splash on Owens. Daniel Bryan hits Kevin Owens when the referee calls the clock.

DQ Winner: Kevin Owens

Rowan, whose body closes outdoors to Kevin Owens.

Mustafa Ali's music hits. Ali goes to the ring and drops the pot to Daniel Bryan. Ali, who has a suicide dive for Rowan, however Rowan catches him. He raises Ali, however Ali descends to the table and hurricanrana takes Rowan's ring. Daniel Bryan jumps out of the perimeter camp and knees to face Ali. Coming to Kevin Owens, landing on the superb Daniel Bryan

In-Ring: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch

Charlotte Aptitude's music hits when a former feminine master arrives in the ring. The final night's WWE uncooked aerial pictures, the place Ronda Rousey attacked Becky Lynch. Charlotte says he can make a person come out and speak to you kindly. Charlotte begins to mock "Becky" and Becky's music. Charlotte mocks Becky when he gets into the ring.

Becky Lynch says it's good to be again. Becky says Charlotte invited her to a pleasant conversation, she needs to find out about her properly-being. Becky says she's mendacity if she says her body doesn't harm her, nevertheless it's value it if she means her head. Becky says she's a wierd head of Ronda. Becky says final night time that Ronda was undoubtedly at his greatest, however he’s still standing and able to struggle once more.

Lynch says the knee is broken, however damaged individuals are probably the most harmful because they have nothing left. Charlotte launches crutches and attacks Becky. Charlotte attacks Becky's injured knee. Becky uses the crowns to beat Charlotte and gets a disarmament at Charlotte.

WWE officers come out and break it down. Charlotte rolls out of the ring.